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Crypto Shuffle

The Universal Crypto-Trader


What’s in it for you?

One place for your trading.

A single overview of your holdings.

Consistent UI.

Good data visualization.

Arbitrage Monitoring.

Customizable reports.

Automatic Trading.

Advanced Trading Orders in Every Exchange.


No subscriptions.

Current features

Arbitrage Monitoring

The program can search every exchange for complex arbitrage opportunities. It performs a detailed, exhaustive search including each and every buying/selling decision, with inter-exchange transfers and their corresponding fees; amongst several arbitrage types.

However, you should engage in arbitrage at your own risk. In data from my own tests, I found that arbitrage opportunities are not as plentiful or rewarding as one might expect; and the dynamics of confirmation times and exchanges’ withdrawal policies further complicate the matter. For instance, Cryptsy has had trouble with my withdrawals, leaving them stuck for weeks. So no arbitrage there.

Nevertheless, if performing this on one’s own criterion, perhaps there are some gains to be made. This program gauges those gains, and gives you a clearer picture.

Exchanges Supported

So far, the application can interface to the following exchanges:

  1. BTC-E
  2. Kraken
  3. MCXnow
  4. Coins-e
  5. Cryptsy
  6. Poloniex
  7. Vircurex
  8. Vault of Satoshi (this exchange is scheduled to be put down, it was really good) :(
  9. Bitfinex

I’ll add more soon!!!

Custom Interface

The software has its own graphical user interface based on OpenGL, therefore its graphics are multi-platform and hardware accelerated.

Not subscription based

This will not use a server or any other kind of vendor lock-in. It only needs an internet connection and your own computer. I’ll leave subscription models for greedy bastards.


This tool will never use DRM of any sort. It won’t be locked in anyway. Just download, install, use. Simple.

Feature Roadmap

Automatic Trading

As simple as it looks like: rule-based automatic trading. I estimate it will be easy to implement, but difficult to test. Imagine disguising large orders as small orders, to hide your trading volumes.


If you have checked the project I was building before I stumbled upon the crypto-currency world (very unlikely), you know that I have already built a very flexible AI framework. I will hook it up to Crypto-Shuffler. However, if the results aren't good I won't release it.


Currently, only the GUI is multi-platform, as it compiles on Mono. The business logic part of the program runs on C#, and I haven’t ported it yet.

More exchanges

Nine exchanges are not enough, and the list is missing Bitstamp. I will undoubtedly add more, but so far, with what I have it’s enough for testing and further development.

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