Omar is a Patagonia-born Entrepreneur, Coder, and Independent Researcher. He has 23 years of experience as a Software Developer in industries spanning from Game Development and Cancer Research, to Finance and Aerospace.

His recent experience includes providing consulting for VHNWIs and Hedge Funds on a variety of subjects.

In his free time—when he had that luxury—he used to paint, draw, sculpt, and play Elden Ring.


A former child prodigy spawned from a family of artists, he was born in Northern Patagonia in 1988. An otherwise regular baby, he started reading when he was two years old; by kindergarten he was teaching other kids about Dinosaurs and the Theory of Evolution.

He was always an outlier. His early days at school were troublesome. He just wouldn't fit. Too different for his own sake, yet retaining the emotional maturity of other boys his age. Things got hard and this led him to be tested in the closest branch of UNCOMA by renowned child giftedness specialist Marne Uicich. He was never told the results of the test.

During this testing, he overheard the specialists talking about fearing he would go the path of Ted Kaczynski—the Unabomber. Curious, he studied this man's and other similar biographies. It became clear that if he didn't broaden his horizons, he could face similar mental health issues. So he did, deciding to relinquish some of his academics for more worldly learning experiences.

Since school was boredom and problems, he started massively skipping grades/classes. This entire situation caught the eye of the Argentine Aerospace Company INVAP, which offered him an internship at the early age of 14. He became an employed Software Developer. After this experience, he completed his education earlier with record-low attendance.

A few years later—on Sunday 18th May 2006—a press gaffe happened; and he started getting a lot of phone calls. A journalist ignored/forgot the request to stay off-the-record while interviewing Marne; he then published his scores and some of his life story. They never wanted to tell him that he got measured at 170. This was not supposed to happen.

By this moment he was already in University, with several scholarships—one specifically tailored for him by the biggest corporation in the area (Patagonia Norte). He was routinely bored at University, where he worked at an Academic Bioimplants Research Lab under the leadership of the charismatic Dr. Oscar Decco.

This wouldn't last long, as the next year his father—a local labor leader—would be sent to jail as part of decades long politics-related enmities. He had to face a tough choice, either continue his studies or see his family fall apart. He chose his family.

After working in the corporation that supported him to stabilize his family's financial well-being. He became involved in a—then sold—publishing/advertising business to then become a freelancer for foreign companies.

The independent life was way more fun than academia. So he never looked back, he started solving technical challenges for these companies—usually startups—and worked while travelling around for some time. Not only he did consulting but art as well. He also wrote two fiction books while at it.

In 2011, he learnt about this new thing called Bitcoin, and decided to mine it relentlessly for years to come. Eventually, he met others like himself and joined the Bitcoin Argentina community where he was one of the few admins running parts of the show—one of the largest crypto communities in the world.

At this time, he was actively involved with the crypto press; writing dozens of articles and interviewing industry personalities. He met a curious assortment of individuals, a few which he coached some time.

He had been actively developing a game engine for a while, when he discovered that he enjoyed developing its AI more. From procedural generation, came meta-optimization, and then generation of game agents. Soon there was more AI code than Game code.

The next year—2012—tragedy would hit; as one of his best friends dies in a tragic car crash. He was supposed to be in that vehicle that night. However, he missed clubbing because he forgot to answer the call, he was too busy at home playing...League of Legends.

In 2014, he met Franck Nazikian, a French entrepreneur with whom he started exploring what to do with his—then Trading focused—AI Framework and Franck's Hong Kong based investment fund. Eventually, they parted ways.

He integrated this AI Framework into a full range trading platform that he was intending to release with the name of "Crypto-Shuffle" until...he didn't. The system was working well enough for him already.

BTC mined were starting to pile up considerably—while the price kept going up—and he started living off the profits of Automated Trading with that capital that started as a curiosity.

The crypto dollars were growing too fast and he was beginning to get nervous. This feeling didn't last long, as a series of unfortunate events—a combination of hacking, exchange defaults, and more—took place. Wiping out most of this incipient fortune. He experienced great gains, and great losses, in a short time.

The year was now 2017, and tragedy would strike again, as his father passes away due to malpractice on a routine hospitalization. Deep in grief, he decides to move with his then British girlfriend to the UK.

Later, while working for a Swiss Exchange, one of these individuals he coached earlier offered him to be his co-founder for an aerospace startup that he was going to pitch to YCombinator. Knowing what kind of particular troubles this would bring, he declined and instead offered to go as COO and handle Operations, Design and more. His support proved valuable, as they succeeded and got into YC's S19 batch.

After unreconcilable differences with his founder/co-founder friend, he leaves the aerospace company to resume his consulting practice. Tragedy would strike again, as his childhood friend Solange dies of cancer during the pandemic in a case that goes viral in National Media.

Some months later, his activity leads him to consult/lead a company belonging to some AAA Hollywood Celebrities and a very high profile Hedge Fund Manager. At the same time, due to recommendations from a very close friend, he starts to trade in a crypto exchange called FTX.

Said close friend hits a 26x with crypto—becoming suddenly wealthy—and can't work with the Hollywood clients anymore. In his new found riches this friend buys very expensive NFTs, some of which make the news. Due to this, and a cascading series of unfortunate circumstances, the project starts to fail until its eventual demise.

It was then, literally fat and complacent, living in a large expensive house with a funny beautiful girlfriend in an upscale neighborhood, with reserves to last for a very long time...that tragedy strikes again. First, he loses a child. Second, FTX goes bust with their newfound fortunes.

Third, the fateful night of the 3rd of January 2023, his girlfriend decides to take her own life.

He reaches the scene in a police car, seeing how forensics drag her into an ambulance. The police question him: "Was your girlfriend pregnant?" They heavily suggest that it was actually the case. He did not know.

His life comes to a stop. He only wants to die.

Wandering around town in a grief-induced altered state of consciousness, he gets hit by a car—something he wished—a quick death with no agency on his part. The "accident" was actually fortuitous. He has the sudden realization that he needs help. He quits everything. Goes to heal with his family and close loved ones.

His pain was unbearable. Every minute, endless torture. A dense, black, rainy day, stuck in Twilight.

He blamed himself for a long time. Until one evening he realized how selfless he had been with that person. How truly he had given. From his heart, without looking for anything in return, only to make her life better.

That day he felt joy for the first time in a long time. He made peace with himself. He began healing.

He is now writing this.

Life is different to him now. The more he endures, the stronger he gets. Though the question always remains: at what cost? what for? why?

Maybe it's just because we choose to.